Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Learning Objectives / Vision and Mission:

Students are expected to develop knowledge and understanding of:

  1. the reasons why people travel and how the tourism and hospitality industry meets travellers’ needs;

  2. the interdisciplinary and di verse nature of the tourism and hospitality industry including tourist destinations, infrastructure and superstructures;

  3. local and international tourism and hospitality trends and issues, and their social, economic and environmental impact; and

  4. (d) the major functional sectors within the tourism and hospitality industry and the career opportunities available.


Students are expected to master the skills to:

  1. develop a range of specific and generic skills, including effective communication skills, customer service skills, information-processing skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills; and

  2. apply appropriate skills in a wide range of tourism and hospitality industry and service related situations.


Students are expected to cultivate positive values and attitudes that will enable them to:

  1. be willing to introduce local tourism resources to tourists;

  2. appreciate and respect the tourism resources of other places when they are tourists themselves;

  3. reflect on the role of tourist-host relationships and develop an appreciation of other cultures, customs and beliefs;

  4. appreciate the importance of integrity and ethical behaviour in the tourism and hospitality industry, and apply this to daily life situations;

  5. acquire an understanding of the personal qualities required for successful work in the tourism and hospitality industry, such as courtesy, initiative, adaptability, flexibility, and collaboration, etc.;

  6. value the importance of sustainability in the tourism and hospitality industry with respect to its economic, environmental, cultural and social contexts; and

  7. recognise and be able to demonstrate quality customer service.


Our team:

Department Head: Miss Vivian Leung







Visit to Civil Aviation Department - Aviation Education Path

THS students visited the Aviation Education Path, which includes a variety of themed exhibits, including: The history and latest aviation development in Hong Kong, Roles and responsibilities of the Civil Aviation Department, How safety and operational efficiency is achieved in aviation, The worldwide air transport network, Importance of global cooperation in aviation.


"Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong" Itinerary Design Competition

4 S.4 THS students participated in this competition. The objective of this itinerary design competition is to foster creativity, raise awareness about the history and culture of Hong Kong, and provide a platform for secondary school students to present their ideas on supporting the tourism sector. Each team should design an itinerary, for a 3-day local tour around attractive heritage destinations in Hong Kong.


Curriculum (Learning Topics)

The curriculum framework of THS consists of five modules, and they are developed to examine certain sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry, and each module includes knowledge, concepts, attitudes and generic skills.

The Modules comprise

  1. Introduction to Tourism

  2. Introduction to Hospitality

  3. Destination Geography

  4. Customer Relations and Services

  5. Trends and Issue s in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Learning Resources:

  1. [HKEDB] Learning and Teaching Materials developed by EDB
  2. [HKEAA] Tourism and Hospitality Studies - Samples of Candidates' Performance
  3. Hong Kong Tourism Board
  4. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)