Co-curricular Activities

Vision and Mission

To enhance students’ development as well-rounded individuals, a wide variety of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are provided. The Co-curricular Activities allow students to reinforce classroom learning and put their knowledge and skills into practice, develop their interests and potentials for character formation and leadership training, to constantly explore new things for enriching their school life, and to meet new friends across different forms for enhancing their communication and social skills.


Our Team


Ms. Crystal Yu



Ms. Daphne Chan

Ms. LN Chan

Mr. Current Chan

Ms. Monica Chan

Ms. Katie Cheung


Ms. Amy Choi

Ms. Karen Chung

Mr. Jim Lai

Ms. Jamie Lam

Ms. Lydia Ouyang


Ms. Carmen So

Ms. Rebecca So

Ms. Katy To

Ms. Ya Ya Wong



CCA Clubs

To support holistic development of students, various interest classes are provided to students to explore their potentials and develop their interests.  


Monday CCA Clubs

Friday CCA Clubs

Saturday CCA Clubs



Interest Group

  • Aesthetics Club

(Ms. Rebecca So & Instructor)

  • Japanese Club

(Ms. Crystal Yu & Instructor)

  • Korean Club

(Ms. Crystal Yu & Instructor)




  • Girl Guides

(Ms. Lydia Ouyang & Ms. Katie Cheung)

  • Red Cross

(Ms. Monica Chan & Ms. Jamie Lam)




  • Athletics Club

(Ms. Karen Chung & Coach)

  • Basketball Club

(Ms. Amy Choi & Coach)

  • Table-Tennis Club 

(Mr. Jim Lai & Coach)

  • Volleyball Club

(Ms. Karen Chung & Coach)




  • Chinese Instrumental Group

(Ms. Ya Ya Wong & Instructors)

  • Western Instrumental Gp

(Ms. Ya Ya Wong & Instructors)

Academic Group

  • STEM Club

(Mr. Current Chan & Instructor)




School Teams

Students who join school teams may represent school to perform or participate in different external competitions. Therefore, there will be intensive trainings for the school teams.


Practice Day







Athletics Team

(Ms. Karen Chung & Coach)



Badminton Team

(Ms. Amy Choi & Coach)



Basketball Team

(Ms. Amy Choi & Coach)



Table-Tennis Team

(Mr. Jim Lai & Coach)



Volleyball Team

(Ms. Karen Chung & Coach)




Dance Team

(Ms. Carmen So, Ms. LN Chan & Coach)




(Ms. Ya Ya Wong & Coach)


String Ensemble

(Ms. Ya Ya Wong & Coach)


Chinese Orchestra

(Ms. Ya Ya Wong & Coach)


Stage Performance Team

(Ms. Daphne Chan, Mr. Billy Hui & Coach)


Chinese Debate Team

(Ms. Katy To & Coach)

Depending on the condition of competitions/events


Korean Club

Japanese Club


一張含有 服裝, 人員, 室內, 樂器 的圖片自動產生的描述

一張含有 音樂, 人員, 樂器, 弓弦樂器 的圖片自動產生的描述

Western Instrumental Group (Guitar Class)

Western Instrumental Group (Violin Class)


一張含有 音樂, 樂器, 人員, 民間樂器 的圖片自動產生的描述

Chinese Instrumental Group (Guzheng Class)

Chinese Instrumental Group (YangqinClass)


String Ensemble



一張含有 服裝, 室內, 人員, 傢俱 的圖片自動產生的描述

Chinese Orchestra

Chinese Debate Team


一張含有 服裝, 人員, 足部穿著, 微笑 的圖片自動產生的描述

一張含有 服裝, 人員, 室內, 學習 的圖片自動產生的描述

Girl Guides

Red Cross


一張含有 服裝, 人員, 舞蹈, 體育 的圖片自動產生的描述

一張含有 服裝, 人員, 劇院, 室內 的圖片自動產生的描述

Dance Team

Stage Performance Team


Basketball Club/Team

Volleyball Club/Team


Athletics Club/Team

Table-tennis Club/Team


Badminton Team

Aesthetics Club

一張含有 室內, 服裝, 人員, 辦公大樓 的圖片自動產生的描述





Student Teams

  • Academic Prefect Team
  • Assemblies & Ceremonies Student Team
  • Backstage Student Team
  • Careers Ambassador Team
  • Catholic Formation Student Team
  • Digital Media Student Team
  • Community Youth Club
  • Flag Guard Student Team
  • English Ambassador Team
  • English Debate Team
  • Greening Ambassador Team
  • Guidance Prefect Team
  • Heritage Project Student Ambassador Team
  • IT Prefect Team
  • Mock Trial Team
  • School Ambassador Team
  • School Decoration Student Team
  • School Prefect Team
  • Student Librarian Team
  • TOPs TV
  • TOPscoop
  • Value Education Student Team