Values Education

Vision and Mission 

The Value Education Team aims to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where students develop positive values, ethical principles, and a strong sense of national identity so that they will become responsible global citizens. Our team fosters students’ proper values and attitudes through a wide range of school programmes and external activities and collaborates with different departments and teams for the provision of all-round learning experience conducive to students’ whole-person development. We also aim to instill in students a deep understanding and appreciation of their national heritage, history, and culture. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to make informed decisions, act with integrity, and contribute positively to the society as a whole.


Our Team

Team Head:

  • Mr. Kafes Yiu

Team Members: 

  • Ms. Winnie Chan

  • Ms. Jane Cheng



1st VEST Meeting


I-teen ambassador training programme (in ICAC Center)


National Day Quiz Competition


Smoke-free teen ambassador


Flag raising ceremonies and Sharing under the national flag


Basic Law and Constitution Ambassador Activity – Visit to Ocean Park


Basic Law Competition

Game stall in Delia’s Day


I-teen interactive drama


Value’s Corner


Flag-raising training in Patriotic Center


Board display and Quiz Competiton (National Security and the important speech by President Xi)


1st VEST Meeting


Value Education Student Team

Value Education Student Team is a student team organized by the Value Education Team.  It helps plan, organize, promote and conduct activities relating to positive values, national identity and social awareness in school.  The Value Education Student Team participated and arranged a variety of activities inside and outside school.  


Our Core Committee members


  • 5B Mandy Zheng

  • 5C Anne Yung


  • 5C Julie Zhong

  • 5A Helen Wong

  • 4C Zoey Wu

  • 4A Evelyn Mak