Career & Life Planning

Vision and Mission

Life planning is an ongoing and lifelong process for personal fulfillment, with different foci at different stages of the lifetime.  At the schooling stage, life planning education is one of the key components in promoting whole-person development, with the objectives of enabling students’ self-understanding, personal planning, goal setting, as well as self-reflection and revision, and equipping students with the knowledge of various study, career and training pathways, work ethics and the working world.


Life planning education in our school is not merely a remedial or advisory service for students when they are in need of making subject or career choice.  It connects with school’s curriculum components, and through it, students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude to make wise choices in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientations; and guided to integrate their career/academic aspirations with whole-person development and life-long learning.


Our Team

Team Head: 

  •  Ms Karen Lui 

Team Members: 

  • Ms Jane Cheng
  • Ms Fion Li
  • Ms Katy To 
  • Ms Wallis Cheng (Student Counsellor) 



Talk on Subject Selection Strategy


Holland Code Assessment 


Self Understanding Assessment 


Social Skills Workshop


Workplace Visit 


Careers Talk 


Alumni Sharing


Life game


Pre-S6 Careers Days


Mock DSE Result Release 


Pre-DSE Result Release Gathering 


Floristry Workshop


Hong Kong Secondary School Transdisciplinary Contest 2023


Wong Tai Sin Mentorsip Programme 


Student Team

Careers Ambassador Team is a student team organized by the Career and Life Planning Team.  It helps plan, organize and conduct careers activities such as talks and visits.  The team members are also in charge of the upkeeping of the resources in the Careers Noticeboard and help disseminate and update Careers news and materials.

  • 5D Jenny Chung (Captain)

  • 5B Ally Lam (Vice-captain)