Global Education & Exchange

Vision & Mission

  • Promoting global education and exchange programs that foster cross-cultural understanding, international cooperation, and mutual respect. The team's scope includes developing and managing international exchange programs for students, collaborating with international partners on educational initiatives. 

  • Developing and managing international exchange programs that provide opportunities for students, teachers, and professionals to learn about different cultures, languages, and educational systems.

  • Collaborating with international partners to design and implement educational projects and programs that address global challenges and promote sustainable development.

  • Supporting the development of intercultural competence and global citizenship among students 


Our Team

Team Leader: Ms. YS Wong

Team Member : Ms Katie Cheung


Global Education Tours 2023-24

Place of visit


Target Students


To enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture and contribution in ecological and cultural conservation.

S4 & S5 Students


To increase students’ learning exposure through Sister School Scheme and to strengthen their national identity through understanding the recent development of Shanghai.

S3 & S4 Students


To prepare S6 students for embarking on a new chapter of life and to gain meaning of life through service learning

S6 Students


To broaden students’ horizon in self-understanding and career and life planning through exchange activities with universities in Tokyo, Japan and visits to different places 

S3 - S5 Students 


Previous Study Tours

Taiwan Tour on Further Studies Opportunities and Chinese Literature, 2018

27 S3 to S5 students participated in a five-day Taiwan Tour to understand more about the further studies opportunities in Taiwan and to experience the unique Chinese cultural atmosphere of the place. During the trip, students were not only impressed by the diverse study options offered in Taiwan universities, but were also inspired and motivated by the hardworking attitude of the students in Taiwan. Besides, students were also given rich opportunities to explore Taiwan's culture through appreciating its architectures and texts as well as experiencing the livelihood of the locals in the night market. All participants reflected their learning experiences of the trip through creating a Chinese literature article after the tour.

V:2017-1820180102-06_Taiwan Tour維格手作鳳梨酥20180106_095122.jpg V:2017-1820180102-06_Taiwan Tour凱達格蘭文化館20180105_154227.jpg V:2017-1820180102-06_Taiwan Tour阿聰師手作芋頭酥20180103_150602.jpg


Sister School Scheme -Shandong Study Tour (26th March 2018 to 30th March 2018)

A group of 50 enthusiastic S4 to S5 students embarked on an exhilarating five-day Shandong Tour, filled with enriching experiences. Our journey led us to Shouguang High School, where we were warmly welcomed and given the incredible opportunity to observe and participate in a variety of engaging lessons. This immersive experience allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the dynamic learning environment and witness the innovative teaching methods employed across different subjects.


Throughout the tour, both schools actively engaged in sharing their distinctive characteristics and highlighting the vibrant student activities that make each institution special. These invaluable learning experiences and cultural exchanges were truly treasured by our students, leaving a lasting impact on their personal and educational growth.

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STREAM Study Tour (24th March 2018 to 5th April 2018)

Embarking on a joint venture with Our Lady's College, we embarked on a thrilling 13-day journey to Italy on March 24, 2018. The tour centered around the theme of 'STREAM,' which symbolizes Science, Technology, Religion, Encounter, Arts, and Music. With great enthusiasm, 18 students from Tak Oi and 18 students from OLC fully immersed themselves in the tour, exploring diverse venues and pushing their boundaries in all six fields. It was a transformative experience that allowed their talents and potentials to soar.

V:2018-1920190424 to 27 Shanghai STEAM TripSr. Rossetti20190424_070726.jpg


Shaoguan Service Tour (27th March 2018 to 29th March 2018)

To promote inter-cultural exchange and nurture a spirit of service, we organized a thrilling three-day service tour for 20 S2 and S4 students. This unique experience took them to Shaoguan, where they had the opportunity to interact with primary school students from different cultural backgrounds. Our students provided tutorial groups, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating intercultural learning. It was an enriching experience for both our students and the young learners they served, creating lasting memories and promoting understanding between diverse communities.