Tak Oi Persons
Madeline Tam, Class of 2023
Currently studying Science Master Class Programme in HKU

As I embark on my new chapter at HKU, I am deeply grateful for the unwavering guidance, support and inspiration Tak Oi has given me in my personal growth. Teachers ignited my enthusiasm for learning and provided me with invaluable advice regarding my future academic and career journey. DSE is a challenge, but with the knowledge, skills and faith our school provided me, I was given the strength to overcome obstacles and strive for excellence.

Belle Wong, Class of 2023
Currently studying Bachelor of Chinese Medicine in CUHK

I can’t imagine what I would be like if I didn’t receive so much help and care in Tak Oi. My teachers even spent their holidays holding online meetings for Q&A sessions on subject-related topics and after school time to give us advice.   Tak Oi also gave me opportunities to explore my personal skills and interests. Thanks to all of these, I am able to fly higher.

Betty Tse, Class of 2023
Currently studying Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (BSc) in HKU

I am very grateful that Tak Oi teachers not only answered our academic questions, but also provided us with suggestions on career pathways, which improved our learning efficiency and made our future goals clearer. I am also grateful to our school for providing us with a lot of help, allowing us to focus on our studies and prepare for the HKDSE.

Yoey Chan, Class of 2023
Currently studying BSc (Honours) Scheme in Medical Laboratory Science and Radiography - Medical Laboratory Science

I am truly blessed to have teachers who consistently provide support and care for us. I learned not just academic knowledge but also the vital lessons of love and truth. Additionally, the abundance of stress-relieving activities organized by the teachers has made my academic journey successful, enjoyable, and memorable.

Kathy Chan, Class of 2022
Currently studying Medicine (MBChB) Programme in CUHK

At Tak Oi, I learnt to be grateful and positive always, which enabled me to concentrate all my effort on the preparation for DSE despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic. Through the experience of serving as a student leader, I have thoroughly understood the joy and meaning of service, and that strengthens my determination to become a doctor.