Tak Oi Volunteer Team

Vision of Tak Oi Volunteer Team

Tak Oi Volunteer Team is established in 2023 – 2024 to cultivate the joy of service and spirit of community contribution as well as to strengthen the bonding of all stakeholders through meaningful activities. Voluntary services are conducted among staff, students, parents, and alumni in which we have opportunities to interact and serve together. Through serving others, it is hoped that we will benefit ourselves and others when raising our awareness of the needs of others and the potential of contribution of oneself. It is also a platform to manifest the Tak Oi Education to nurture individuals to contribute to the common good of all.



The Logo

Our Alumnus Ms Kylie Wong, currently a student of Arts Psychotherapy – MSc in Edinburgh, designed the logo of Tak Oi Volunteer Team with her special gift in arts and design as well as her love and support to the school. The logo showcases a butterfly hand gesture, symbolizing personal growth through service. The two thumbs from the “V” for “Volunteer”. With a backdrop of a sunrise gradient, it embodies the hope and joy of service. Her beautiful and meaningful design is printed in woven patches which we carry with us during our voluntary service.



Voluntary Services in 2023 – 2024

TOSS Parent-Teacher Association Volunteer Service



Staff Development Day – Volunteer Services at various charity organizations