Physical Education

Learning Objectives of Physical Education

PE aims to provide quality education through a variety of physical activities that helps students 

  • develop motor and sports skills and acquire knowledge through physical activity, and cultivate positive values and attitudes for the development of a habit of doing exercises;

  • acquire good health, physical fitness and body co-ordination through leading an active and healthy lifestyle;

  • promote desirable moral behaviour, co-operation in communal life, ability to make decisions and appreciation of aesthetic movements; and 

  • become responsible citizens who contribute to the building of an active and healthy community.


Learning Targets of Six Strands in PE

  1. Motor and sports skills

  • To acquire locomotor, body co-ordination and object manipulative skills in a wide range of physical activities for fun and performance

  1. Health and fitness

  • To ascertain how physical activity is related to good health; and to learn the basics of planning, implementing and evaluating individualised workout plans 

  1. Sports-related values and attitudes

  • To understand the meaning of sports competition and develop positive values and attitudes

  1. Knowledge and practice of safety 

  • To learn risk management; and to implement measures to prevent sports injuries

  1. Knowledge of movement

  • To construct a knowledge base for fun, performance and the organization of physical activities

  1. Aesthetic sensitivity 

  • To understand the meaning of beauty; and to strengthen the capability of giving comments on physical performance 


  1. An Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Students are encouraged to:

  • participate in various kinds of sport-related interest groups, development award schemes, competitions, school team trainings, etc.

  • choose physical games and training as leisure activities, and to consume their energy when traveling and doing household work;

  • maintain a balanced diet and avoid unhealthy food and excessive intake of energy.


  1. Other Learning Experiences

  • Students are encouraged to participate actively and regularly in co-curricular physical activities to help them develop an active and healthy lifestyle. 

  • Students are provided with opportunities to participate in different PE-related activities such as watching local sports competitions, serve as officials on sports days, and participate in or organise inter-class sports competitions so as to broaden students’ learning experience to complement life-wide learning, develop their generic skills and cultivate their positive values and attitudes


Our Team

Department Head: Ms. Amy Choi

Department Member: Ms. Karen Chung




SHE Inspires! Sports Class – Boxing



SHE Inspires! Sports Class – Roller Skating



SportsCHAT Workshops


Sports Day


Sports Teams– Athletics Team




Sports Teams– Badminton Team


 Sports Teams– Basketball Team

一張含有 體育, 運動游戲, 人員, 足部穿著 的圖片自動產生的描述  
一張含有 體育, 運動游戲, 人員, 運動配備 的圖片自動產生的描述   一張含有 體育, 運動游戲, 人員, 球 的圖片自動產生的描述
一張含有 體育, 人員, 服裝, 運動游戲 的圖片自動產生的描述  


Sports Teams – Table-tennis Team 



Sports Teams – Volleyball Team



Sports Experiential Day


Floor Curling




  1. General PE

  • Athletics

  • Badminton

  • Basketball

  • DanceSport

  • Fitness Dance

  • Football 

  • Gymnastics

  • Handball 

  • Physical Fitness

  • Table-tennis

  • Volleyball


  1. Tasting of Sport Games

  • Baseball

  • Bowling

  • Rugby

  • Tennis

  • Yoga


Learning Resources

  1. The Schools Federation of Hong Kong, China
  2. Leisure and Cultural Services Department
  3. Olympic Games
  4. The 19th Asian Games (Hangzhou)
  5. Sportsroad