Learning Objectives

Our curriculum aims to: 

  1. enhance and develop students’ interest in studying history;

  2. help students understand the present in the context of the past;

  3. enrich students’ knowledge of their own community and culture, as well as other major cultures of the world;

  4. develop students’ historical skills and generic skills for further studies and life situations;

  5. nurture students to become citizens who have global perspectives, knowledge and sense of responsibility.


Our Team

Department Head: Mr Kafes Yiu

Department Member: Ms Katy To



City Walk – understanding early Hong Kong development in Central and Wan Chai

Visit to Hong Kong Maritime Museum


Upcoming programmes and activities in 2023-2024

  • Hist-teen Award Scheme (whole year)

  • Seasonal activities with English Department (Nov 2023)

  • Visit of Mobile Intangible cultural heritage (Jan – Feb 2024)

  • Talks on Intangible cultural heritage (Feb 2024)

  • Outing activity on the Experiential Learning Day (Jun 2024)



  •  Secondary 1 Curriculum

    • Human needs: past and present

    • The development of European civilization

    • The rise of Islamic civilization and cultural interactions between Europe and Asia in Medieval Times

    • History, culture and heritage of early Hong Kong region


  • Secondary 3 Curriculum

    • International conflict and crisis in the 20th century (I) -  the two World Wars

    • International conflict and crisis in the 20th century (II) – the Cold War and the post-cold War period 


  • Senior Secondary Curriculum

    • Theme A Modernization and Transformation in the Twentieth-Century Asia

      • Modernization and transformation of Hong Kong

      • Modernization and transformation of China

      • Modernization and transformation of Japan and Southeast Asia

    • Theme B Conflicts and Cooperation in the Twentieth-Century World
      • Major conflicts and the quest for peace

      • The quest for cooperation and prosperity