Learning Objectives 

The study of Science aims at helping students to foster curiosity, acquire knowledge and skills, and recognize the interrelationship between science and other disciplines. Scientific investigation and problem-solving abilities and understanding the nature of science will be developed after learning Science. Through integration of scientific knowledge with related disciplines, students will be able to consider the social and ethical implications of science. Moreover, it prepares students for STEM-related studies and encourages lifelong learning for personal development.


Our Team

Department Head:

Mr. Julian Yu 

Department members:

Ms. Amy Choi 

Ms. Karen Chung 

Mr. Jim Lai

Ms. Amelia Wong 

Ms. Maggie Yu 



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Science x English Seasonal activity 

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Hong Kong Science Fair

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S1 Science 



Term 1

Chapter 3 Looking at living things

Chapter 1 Introduction to Science

Chapter 2 Water

Term 2

Chapter 6 Matter as particles

Chapter 5 Energy

Chapter 4 Cells and reproduction


S2 Science



Term 1

Chapter 8 Making use of electricity

Chapter 7 Living things and air

Term 2 

Chapter 10 Sensing the environment

Chapter 9 Acids and alkalis

Chapter 11 Force and motion


Learning resources

  1. ‘Hong Kong Wetland Park Self-directed Outdoor Learning’ Resource Package
  2. Junior Secondary Science Video-based Self-learning Pack - Science Experiments