Learning objectives

Students are expected to:

  • develop music ideas and acquire creating skills, together with performing and listening, to cultivate creativity and imagination;

  • develop performing skills to experience and express music, with emphasis on cultivating music imagination and musicality in practice;

  • comprehend, respond to and appraise music so as to nurture aesthetic sensitivity and awareness;

  • understand the functions of music and the relationship between music and cultures.



Our Team

  • Department Head: Ms. Ya Ya Wong



Singing Contest


Tops Performance


Vocal Singing Workshop



Secondary 1 Curriculum

  • Meter

  • Rhythm

  • Melody

  • Creative Corner

  • Vocal Music and Musical Texture

  • The Pentatonic Scale

  • Music with a Story


Secondary 2 Curriculum

  • Introduction, Interlude and Coda

  • Performance Markings and Atmosphere in Music

  • Major and Minor Tonalities

  • Creating Chordal Accompaniment

  • Writing lyrics for a tune

  • Music from Different Lands

  • Function of Music in Society

  • Romantic Music


Secondary 3 Curriculum

  • Creating Chordal Accompaniment

  • Opera and Musicals

  • The Elements of Music

  • Classical Music


Secondary 4 Curriculum

  • Music in Films

  • Baroque Music

  • Pop Music


Secondary 5 Curriculum

  • Canton pop

  • Cantonese Opera

  • A Cappella Singing

  • Composing Pop Music


Learning Resources

  1. Department of Culture and Creative arts, The Education University of Hong Kong
  2. Department of Music, Hong Kong Baptist University
  3. Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  4. Department of Music, The University of Hong Kong
  5. Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  6. International Society for Music Education
  7. Radio Television Hong Kong
  8. Chinese Music Archive, Music Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  9. Chinese Opera Information Centre, Music Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  10. 中國戲曲查篤撐
  11. 中國尋珍
  14. 粵語流行曲-維基百科