Information & Communication Technology / Computer Literacy

Learning objectives

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is crucial in our contemporary society, with its importance extending beyond the technology itself to its role as an enabler of knowledge access and communication. Its rapid advancement has significantly influenced economic growth, business structure, education, and employment. It's particularly vital for Hong Kong's competitiveness in the global economy, necessitating educational focus to develop student interest and talent in ICT.


The senior secondary ICT curriculum in Hong Kong equips students with the necessary knowledge, practical skills, and understanding of technology-involved problem-solving processes. It's relevant across various aspects of modern life and diverse study fields, presenting intellectual challenges in problem-solving and communication. The course not only prepares students for ICT-related careers or further studies but also cultivates crucial skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. 


The senior secondary ICT curriculum intends to:


  1. Offer students comprehensive knowledge, concepts, and applications of information, communication, and computer systems;

  2. Foster problem-solving and communication abilities in students, promoting critical and creative thinking;

  3. Shape students into proficient, ethical, and confident ICT users to facilitate their lifelong learning;

  4. Allow students to understand the impact of ICT on our knowledge-based society, cultivating positive values and attitudes towards this field.


Our Team

Department Head: Mr. Tim Ma

Department Member: Mr. Vincent Chung



PolyU i-Space Inter-Secondary School Green Deck Landscape Design Competition 2022








Chapter 1 – Cloud Applications

Chapter 1 –  Programming (Micro:bit)

Chapter 1 – Database 

Chapter 2 – KittenBot (Future Board)

Chapter 2 –  Video Editing (iMovie)

Chapter 2 – Python Language 

Chapter 3 – AI (Booklet 1: Introduction to AI)

Chapter 3 –  AI (Vision/ Speech)

Chapter 3 – Excel Chapter 


Chapter 4 –  Image-editing (Photoshop)

Chapter 4 – Drone


Chapter 5 –  3D Design (Tinkercad) + 3D printer

Chapter 5 – AI (AI computer simulation and robotic reasoning)


Chapter 6 –  Information Literacy + Computer System







A1 + A2 Information Processing


D1+ D2 Computational Thinking and Programming

Chapter 7 Structured Query Language (III): Multiple Table Manipulations

C1 + C2  Internet and its Applications

Elective C Algorithm and Programming


Chapter 11 Development Life Cycle of Database System

D1+ D2 Computational Thinking and Programming

A2 Information Processing 

  1. Elective Part: Database 

Chapter 12 Data Mining and Its Applications