Citizenship and Social Development / Life and Society / Citizenship, Economics and Society

Citizenship and Social Development (CS)

The subject emphasises helping senior form students understand the situations of Hong Kong, the country and the contemporary world, as well as their pluralistic and interdependent nature. It complements with other senior secondary subjects to enable students to integrate and apply cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills.



Life and Society (L&S) & Citizenship, Economics and Society (CES)

The subjects cater for the needs of junior form students on their personal growth and future development. They provide foundation knowledge, concepts and perspectives that aid students to achieve the learning targets specified in the PSHE KLA Guide. Students are able to develop understanding of themselves as individuals and as social beings, and gives them an opportunity to understand local, national and global issues.


Our Team

Department Head:        Mr. Heinz Luk

Department Members: Mr. Teddy Chan, Ms. Kelly Cheung, Ms. Vivian Leung, Ms. Katy To



(1) S5 CS Mainland Study Tour


(2) Mock Trial Competition

一張含有 服裝, 人員, 人的臉孔, 男人 的圖片自動產生的描述 一張含有 服裝, 人員, 建築, 學位服 的圖片自動產生的描述



Form & Subject



  • Self-understanding and Life Skills

  • Interpersonal Relationships and Social Inclusiveness

  • Financial Education

  • Rights and Duties

S2 L&S

  • Economic Development of Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Government and I

S3 L&S

  • Global Cities

  • One World, One Family

  • Global Citizenship and Humanitarian Works


  • Hong Kong under ‘One Country, Two Systems’


  • Our country since Reform and Opening-up


  • Interconnectedness and Interdependence of the Contemporary World